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Awesome Add-ons for your Custom Deck

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though something is missing, but not having a clue what that final piece could be. You spent all summer building your dream deck, came up with some awesome deck designs, but as soon as you hammered in that last nail, shined that last panel, you might’ve felt like that pièce de resistance was missing.

You might not know what it is yet, but us at Mississauga Decks and Trim are here to help. From pergolas to built-in cabinets, and everything in between, the amount of awesome custom deck add-ons to complete your dream build are limitless.

A reminder that it’s always important to understand what sort of add-ons will compliment the custom deck build you’ve already got in place. If you’ve got a pool deck, an area with some shading might be ideal, or maybe even a screen for some extra privacy. Your deck should always be a good blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Check out some of our favourite custom deck add-ons below!


Regardless of what sort of deck you’ve built for yourself, whether that be a pool deck or one fitted with as much seating and lounging style relaxation as possible, it’s important to have shading. If the moveable umbrella just isn’t cutting it, it might be time to install something bigger. Enlist the help of a deck builder, or start planning your own build for something like a gazebo or a pergola

–  Gazebos are great if you want to be outside no matter what mother nature is throwing your way. With an enclosed roof protecting you from the weather, neither rain nor sunlight will put a damper on your R&R. Gazebos can be a pretty big addition to your deck, but its versatility is unmatched. Gazebos can do more than just complement your custom deck designs, it can be a key feature, and be the best eye-catcher you could ask for.

–  Pergolas are better if you’re just looking for shading, and protection from harsh sunlight. Most people opt for a pergola with an open-top, allowing for some sunlight to get through the beams. They’ve usually got a flat top, as opposed to the pitched roof on a gazebo, and look perfect installed next to windows, or the back/screen entrance to your home. Not only does it provide shading outside, but it restricts sunlight from coming into your home, making it cooler indoors. It’s also perfect for hanging greenery or lights from the beams on the roof.

Privacy Screens

Perfect for your seating areas or by your pool deck, privacy screens keep the unwanted elements away, and keep the fun in. It’s a simple build, consisting of a deck railing turned into a longer or higher screen. If you’ve got views from your backyard you don’t want to see, or if you have nosy neighbours always peering, privacy might do you some good. The huge number of deck designs it can be incorporated into gives it versatility, and it rarely sticks out like a sore thumb.


It’s not up to debate, every space is better with a little green. Having plants and any sort of greenery complementing your deck is a must, and can spruce up the space with utter ease. Whether you just put some vases or build some built-in planters or railing-mounted planters, you can’t go wrong with some of that extra life in your backyard. Looking for deck railing ideas? Look no further. Installing a planter on your railings, letting some gorgeous vines hang from it, or adding colour with flowers, can add brightness to an otherwise normal-looking railing. Don’t forget that you can also use something like a pergola to hang vines or greenery from!


When people think of storage, it rarely feels like an aesthetic addition to a custom deck. Implementing built-in storage is too often forgotten when considering deck designs, but it’s essential. Building a deck doesn’t have to mean that you have to forgo storage space for other important backyard pieces. You can easily install something like a built-in cabinet, or built-in bench storage, to maximize the functionality of your deck. Using existing features in your deck, you can easily convert them into multi-purpose systems, perfect for hiding away things like baseballs, pillows, blankets, and anything else you might need. Consider installing a built-in cabinet beside your pool deck for easy access to floaties and pool noodles!

The Perfect Lighting

Once the sun starts to set, the true colours of your custom deck start to show. The best decks should be able to hold their own and sustain a good time no matter the time of day. The key to having a lively deck, even at night, comes down to the lighting you decide to implement. Everybody’s favourite choice right now is the string light, stair riser, deck pot lights, post light, or wall-mounted lighting are many options to brighten up your deck.

These hanging curtain railing lights bring a beautiful rustic romantic cottage-Esque ambiance to any backyard! Made to keep you warm on a cool night!

Outdoor Bar

If you really want to raise the bar, consider building the perfect spot to serve and prepare drinks for all your lovely guests (and for yourself of course). The edges of your deck are the perfect, often unused space, to set up a bar. A simple build needs only a ledge, just enough room to set your drinks on, and some extra barstool-type seating. If you want a more complex build, consider installing an awning, or some sort of roof/protection from the weather.

 It’s also the perfect excuse to make more built-in cabinets to store your cups, mixers, and special beverages.

Decks can be so much. A place to relax, something to show off, a hub to entertain and enjoy your summer. It’s perfect for laughing, cuddling, and building deeper connections with all those around you. Though your deck is more than likely impressive and functional as is, all those moments become that much more special when everything is brought together with impressive and well-thought-out deck add-ons. Deck designs are tough, and implementing all these extra assets can be a challenge, but it’s always worth it in the end.

If you can turn a simple deck into a backyard good enough for a pandemic-style wedding, who’s really going to say no to that?!

There’s beauty, and more importantly, even better times that can be had when you go the extra mile for yourself and your deck.

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