Thanks to their various advantages, helical pile posts have revolutionized the decking industry, especially the anchoring methods. While helical piles, also known as screw anchors or screw piles, are fast to install and unlike concrete footings, can be loaded immediately, they also help cut back on labour costs. 

This method of building was first witnessed in 1830 and has since then become a force to reckon with in foundations, bridges, and lighthouse construction. 

This piece looks into the advantages of helical pile techno posts.

Advantages of Helical Pile Techno Posts

MDT installing Helical Piles (Techno Metal Post)

Fast and Easy Installation

One significant advantage of helical pile posts in the decking industry is the quickness and ease of installation. Helical piles are installed using a hydraulic machine that torques the pile into the ground, there is little to no mess, and installation time is shorter compared to other anchoring and foundation methods. 

Also, there is no wait time with helical pile posts compared to concrete which requires hardening. The ultimate beauty of this is that you can load helical pile posts immediately after installation and you don’t have to wait for city inspectors to complete on-site reviews. Engineered reports can be provided easily via torque readouts recorded on-site by the machine.

Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage of techno posts helical piles is their environmental friendliness. This is useful in areas with environmental factors. Since they are not damaged by harsh environmental factors, they can last for several decades. Plus, this helps keep the environment clean. 

Also, since the installation process is simple and doesn’t require heavy-duty equipment, there is no concern about vibration. Plus, helical pile posts leave no impact on the site since they can easily be removed and reused in other applications. Also, helical pile posts require no upkeep and cleanup, eliminating long-term costs.

Large Load-Bearing Capacity

The common misconception about helical pile posts is that they have low load-bearing capacities and can’t bear such large loads as concrete and other anchoring methods in decking. This is absolutely not true. 

Helical pile techno posts are strong and have high load-bearing capacities, depending on application specifications. Plus, this capacity can be increased by installing larger helical plates. 

Not Weather-Specific

Most other anchoring methods are weather-dependent, but helical pile posts stand out and can be installed in any weather. This is a big advantage for site engineers, as they don’t have to wait until certain temperatures are reached before moving on with the construction. There’s no need to worry about frost heaving as we use a heavy-duty polyethylene sleeve specially designed to prevent posts from being affected by ground movement. 


In an era where many companies choose to source their raw materials from Asia, the Techno Metal Post team is committed to purchasing North American steel for manufacturing its piles. Our piles are manufactured using structural steel according to ASTM A500 grade C, CAN/CSA-G40.21-98, and CSA W47.1 standards. Their design allows for maximum use of soil capacity. They have been load tested according to ASTM-D1143 and ASTM-D3689 standards in several types of soils around the world.