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5 Stunning Designs for Your Outdoor Custom Stair Railing

These 5 stunning design options for your outdoor custom stair railing can turn a simple functional feature into an automatic wow factor.

We all know that a railing is a must for climbing or descending stairs for safety reasons, and also for the edge of a deck or patio if it is raised above two feet from ground level.

It prevents everything from people to furnishings from slipping over the edge and is just plain common sense.

However, many things that are basic, useful items have been customized and modified to also offer a strong aesthetic element.

Patio grills have burnished, gleaming finishes, your outdoor furniture can come in metal or with a wicker finish and colourful cushions, and even the outdoor space itself can offer up a choice of finished seamless polished concrete, charcoal grey composite decking materials or a gleaming stained exotic hardwood deck.

So, why should an outdoor custom stair railing be any different?

Metal Stair Railing

metal stair railing

Metal is an incredibly versatile option for custom stair railing designs as the lines can be incredibly sleek and modern to suit contemporary architecture or wonderfully ornate (think of the metal work on homes in the French Quarter in New Orleans for example!). 

They can convey an industrial look to match a space with a polished concrete floor or be as simple as twisted strands of structural steel strung in threes in a basic frame or Mimic the gates of the palace of Versailles if that is your vision. 

However, aside from the flexibility of design options, metal stair railings also offer other benefits. They are incredibly durable, low-maintenance, and if one goes with a very streamlined design, they can be easy to clean minimizing hassle for homeowners. 

Classic Wooden Railing

Cedar wood railing with custom balusters

Many people’s vision of their dream deck goes hand in hand with the classics. For instance, a rich, warm wooden cedar deck or light ash decking where you sit to enjoy your morning coffee.

For most, the image of that railing is definitely the same wood as the deck they are standing on. Most DIY deck projects can look the same, yet if you work with a professional deck-building contractor, you will be introduced to the variety of ways that deck can be customized exactly to your liking, and one of those customized elements happens to be deck and stair railings. 

Similar to metal railing designs, customized wooden stair railings can be sturdy with classic lines, like outdoor craftsman-style railings or ranch-style railings. They can incorporate zig-zags, and herringbones, and feature delicate gingerbread cutwork or latticework. 

The options are limitless, it all comes down to your budget, the type of wood you are working with and the scope of your creativity!

Glass Stair Railing

glass stair railing

When you build a new deck, the design should complement the view from that deck. It should also complement the overall lines of your property when looking at it from the grounds. This is especially true for a multi-level deck design. 

Glass railings are a great choice for those who want a clear sight of their spectacular view. They are also good for those who want to avoid heavy lines on their home’s exterior.

Glass railings allow for the ironwork or woodwork of deck staircases to not be hidden away, with one architectural feature showcasing and complementing the other. Not to mention the elimination of shadows and allowance of light everywhere. 

Glass also has the ability to enhance a contemporary look while still feeling light and softening a more industrial design. 

Composite Stair Railing 

Many composite decking options are a prefabricated overall package. Unique stair railings can allow for a little variety and add a personal customized touch to your project. 

The best part is that with this add-on, you can get the same features you get in your composite deck. So it meets your budget and maintenance requirements, while still giving you a somewhat customized feel. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the difference between PVC vs composite decking, click here

Accent panels attach to the top and can have beautiful designs. They can also attach to the top and create a wider rail. Knuckles wrap around the baluster and are affixed with screws to create an ornate look. Meanwhile, inserts sit inside the panels themselves and can be as different as stars to curling vines.

All of these come in a variety of finishes from stainless steel to burnished antique bronze.

The Combination Railing

combination stair railing

The big idea of course is why choose when you can have it all? In your first consultation with your decking contractor, discuss all of the various uses you will have for your deck. Also, discuss the architecture of the house and your reasons for wanting the deck.

This will better guide your discussion. Once you go over your options you may discover that simple suggestions pop up organically. For instance, stair railings with smooth accent pieces may contrast well with a textured exterior of stucco or panelled siding.

Conversely, a more ornate accent piece may help your home feel more like you if the exterior is fairly run-of-the-mill. A combination of elements can be just the thing to make your deck feel like it reflects who you are.

A traditional wooden deck with decorative ironwork stair railings or a composite deck with simple twisted structural steel strands creating clean modern lines on a more classic home can be just the thing.

Maybe adjust your design with a small tweak like replacing the wooden balusters with glass panels. There are so many ways to combine materials; all you need is a vision and some experienced deck builders.

A Little History

Post World War 2, cookie-cutter tract housing was a breakthrough becoming the norm, and today housing developments where the homes look exactly alike street after street are a staple of our image of suburbia.

In Canada, the Vancouver Special is still seen everywhere after thousands of them were built after 1960. After homeowners moved in however nothing could stop them from putting their own unique stamp on the property they call home, and that hasn’t changed in today’s homeowner’s wish for their vision of their houses.

A major option for homeowners wishing to create a unique space for themselves in housing development has been the enhancement of their outdoor spaces. 

This allows for a lot of modification and the ability to put a personal stamp on the house without interfering with the basic infrastructure of the original building.

And if everyone is doing it? What better way to create unique lines than with something as simple as a beautiful design? 

Final Thoughts

The addition of a custom deck and stair railings instantly creates a unique architectural feature that mirrors who you are. 

You can even build structures like a custom gazebo or add features like a privacy screen. In fact, here are the top 7 privacy screens for deck railing ideas for you to check out.

Expert deck builders like Mississauga Decks & Trim can create and construct the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

With in-house designers, they can also work with you to suggest and incorporate special features. For instance, a unique and custom stair railing to further enhance the beauty of the space you call home.

Whether it’s building a new custom deck, adding aesthetic features, or simply discussing the possibilities to create the backyard of your dreams, Mississauga Decks & Trim is the best deck builder Mississauga has to offer! 

Contact MDT today to start discussing your project.

Decks Railings

Top 7 Privacy Screens For Deck Railing Ideas

These top 7 privacy screens for deck railing ideas will ensure you get the freedom to truly enjoy your home to the fullest, after all, you built that new deck, pool, or pergola to maximize the use of your outdoor spaces.

Deck railings are essential elements of outdoor decks. They provide safety and security to the area around the deck as well as creating a pleasing aesthetic as a finishing touch to the area. 

Homeowners should definitely focus on features like railings as an integral part of their overall design right from the get-go. 

A feature many should consider when factoring in which railing to choose to enhance their design is a privacy screen. A deck even a few feet above the ground or a raised swimming pool area can make a difference between your activities being visible by those on the road by your home or your neighbours. 

Screening a section of your outdoor area can serve other functions as well from minimizing street noise to creating a section as a stand-alone feature which can frame a barbecue, a small sitting area or even a mini garden. 

An additional bonus is that a privacy screen in certain materials can be utilized to minimize the impact of the sun at certain points of the day and even act as a windbreak. 

Privacy screens can easily be incorporated into many types of deck railings available on the market today. The type of material you choose depends on the purpose of the deck railings,  some of which include wood, aluminum, steel, and composite materials. 

You can easily work with your designer to choose which privacy screen will suit you best and how it will work with any of these materials. 

1. Tall Horizontal Privacy Screen for Maximum Coverage

For maximum privacy, a long, tall privacy screen is preferred by some homeowners, allowing them to use their deck whenever they like. A big horizontal screen like this is a great option for them to have to maximize the use of their space for any purpose.

You can use this addition to hide your deck from nearby neighbors and passersby. It won’t inhibit airflow and will allow for some light to get through.

This painted screen exemplifies how a bold color can elevate your backyard and become an accent piece for your outdoor deck. The predominant use of grey lends a sleek, modern look to the entire deck in this particular layout.

The rail and the privacy screen appear to be one uninterrupted element, as seen from behind because the whole thing is designed to work together seamlessly.

2. Framed Lattice Privacy Screen with Plant Trellis or Potted Plants for a Private Oasis

A framed lattice is a great addition to the design of a privacy screen when you are looking for a lighter touch with great airflow. It’s a cheap and fairly easy way to make the area look better overall. Aside from that, it may also be installed on or beneath the deck railing without requiring major construction.

A framed lattice is a great addition to the design of a privacy screen when you are looking for a lighter touch with great airflow. It’s a cheap and fairly easy way to make the area look better overall. Aside from that, it may also be installed on or beneath the deck railing without requiring major construction.

Some framed lattices can act as a trellis to support either creeping plants (real or fake!) or hanging potted plants to soften the feel and create additional privacy without restricting a pleasant breeze. place some more potted plants on the floor or on stands and you end up with an inexpensive mini oasis. 

The contrasting aesthetic isn’t limited to the screen, either. The deck as a whole can benefit from a screen’s presence in the railing design. By pairing it with the flooring tone in a complimentary but different hue,  it can also create an interesting visual highlight and draw the eye to designated featured elements creating a look and feel of a shady welcoming area on a sunny deck.

3. Composite Materials Privacy Screen for Low Maintenance 

Vinyl, composite and PVC materials can be used beyond the scope of decking and stairs. They are used for railings and other features as well such as privacy screens for the same reason you may choose them for the rest of your deck build. They are hard-wearing, long-lasting and low-maintenance and many come with excellent warranties.

If you aren’t told it may be understandable why you may even mistake these privacy screens for a natural wood deck feel and finish giving those who have always dreamed of a luxurious wooden deck the best of both worlds. 

4. Privacy Screen with Built-in Flower Beds

A screen can be custom-built out of various materials to incorporate built-in elements, one of these is flower beds. As a way to edge an outdoor area while creating delineated spaces, a privacy screen can be erected and constructed with built-in flower boxes to contain plants. Plants can both enhance an area by softening lines, create a green space which is known to enhance our health both mentally and physically, or simply add a pop of colour to an area with more muted colours. 

You can create low flower beds with perennials for a soft frame or even plant shrubbery which can grow a few feet higher and create the feel of a living green wall edged by the privacy screen. 

In spite of the fact that these plants can perform the job of a privacy screen, the privacy screen creates a controllable framework that ensures there are no gaps and you can even further enhance the aesthetic appeal by adding decorative stones and lighting, which a constructed privacy screen will allow. 

5. Exotic Hardwood Privacy Screen for Individual Design and Value

There’s more to this material than just its beautiful aesthetic. Quality and longevity are further benefits to going with durable exotic hardwood. It can be more expensive to install but provides excellent value over other natural wood choices.

If your design for your privacy screen or space is particular or the area you are installing it in has unique attributes, working with wood allows for a fantastic custom-built environment.

If you use an exotic wood for the privacy screen, incorporating it into your deck railing for a seamless look and feel will enhance your outdoor area.

An intriguing design can be created and customized including other featured elements, such as this divider made of reed panels that you can set up along your deck railing for extra seclusion, while the contrast highlights the beauty of the exotic hardwood

The look and feel of real wood, especially and exotic one, together with the option for staining to bring out the rich grain, create an excellent option for adding a natural and tropical feel to your deck.

6. Privacy Screen with Built-in Wooden Bench to Maximize your Outdoor Space

Another feature that can be installed and built into a privacy screen is seating. This design element can add various benefits to your use of the area. Adding seating of course first and foremost can maximize the use of the space by allowing more seating to accommodate more people in an area where too many chairs could look cluttered. 

Built-in benches and seating can also make a privacy screen simply more aesthetically pleasing and can be built in along with other elements like fold-down mini tables or planter boxes. 

However, the design of the seating itself can serve yet another purpose by having the seats be boxes with lids which can be raised to provide additional outdoor storage space for items like gardening tools, items for a barbecue or grill or even just storage for the cushions for the seats themselves. 

7. Privacy Screen with Covered Area for Comfort and Enjoyment All Year

After investing so much time, effort and money into your outdoor deck it would be nice to be able to make use of it as much as possible. While a privacy screen can be one stand-alone element, several of them can be incorporated to section off a part of your outdoor space and even incorporate an awning or covered pergola element. 

It can be very minimal or more elaborate to create a covered area with protection from the sun, wind, rain or even the cold with a heating lamp throughout the year. 

Now that you’ve gone through our top 7 privacy screens for deck railing ideas, you may have a better sense of what you’re looking for. So contact Mississauga Decks & Trim to discuss how we can build the ideal privacy screen for your deck railing

If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, check out our website for more information or contact us to discuss these and other ideas. 

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