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Crafting Your Dream Deck with MDT: Where Outdoor Dreams Come True

Welcome to Mississauga Decks and Trim (MDT), your premier destination for all things deck building in Mississauga and beyond. At MDT, we don’t just build decks; we craft outdoor paradises tailored to your vision and lifestyle. Join us on a journey through the art of deck building as seen through our expert eyes, and discover how we can transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and functionality.

The MDT Approach: Your Dreams, Our Expertise

At MDT, every deck we build is a masterpiece in the making. Our approach begins with understanding your dreams and needs for your outdoor space. Whether you envision a tranquil escape, an entertainment hub, or a combination of both, we listen closely to your aspirations to create a deck that truly reflects your lifestyle.

The MDT Blueprint: Planning and Precision

Vision to Reality

Your dream deck starts with a vision, and we turn that vision into a detailed plan. We work closely with you to define the purpose, layout, and features that will make your deck uniquely yours.

Budgeting Wisdom

Crafting your dream deck also involves careful budgeting. Our team helps you allocate resources efficiently, ensuring your project stays within budget without compromising on quality.

Location Perfection

Choosing the right location is crucial. We consider factors like sunlight, privacy, and accessibility to your home to select the ideal spot for your deck.

Safety First

Safety is paramount at MDT. We adhere to local building codes and prioritise safety features like robust railings and slip-resistant surfaces to provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Material Mastery

Wood: Timeless Elegance

Wooden decks exude timeless elegance and are a favourite among our clients. Options like exotic hardwoods, cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber offer both beauty and durability.

Composite Decking: Durability and Ease

Composite decking is a practical choice, known for its durability and minimal maintenance. It mimics the charm of wood but requires no staining or sealing.

PVC Decking: Maximum Resilience

For areas with high humidity or close proximity to water, PVC decking is the go-to option. It’s virtually maintenance-free and highly resistant to moisture.

MDT Magic: Designing Your Outdoor Oasis

Size and Layout Brilliance

The size and layout of your deck are crafted to meet your specific needs. We often incorporate multi-level designs, built-in seating, and stylish pergolas to add character and functionality.

Illumination Inspiration

Extend the enjoyment of your deck into the evening with our outdoor lighting solutions. Deck lights, string lights, and lanterns can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Personalized Touches

To make your deck uniquely yours, we add personal touches like potted plants, outdoor rugs, and comfortable furniture, ensuring it’s a true reflection of your style and taste.

MDT Craftsmanship: Building Your Dream

DIY vs. MDT Expertise

While some opt for DIY, many choose the expertise of MDT. Complex designs benefit from our professional touch, ensuring precision and perfection.

The Solid Foundation

Your deck’s foundation is meticulously planned and executed. It’s level, securely anchored to your home, and built to last.

Decking Excellence

For wood, composite, or PVC decking, we strictly adhere to manufacturer guidelines for installation. Proper board spacing accommodates expansion and contraction.

Railing and Stairs Elegance

We add the finishing touch with sturdy railings and well-constructed stairs that enhance both safety and aesthetics.

MDT Commitment: Beauty That Lasts

Sealing and Staining Brilliance

For wood decks, we apply sealing and staining to protect against the elements and enhance natural beauty. Regular maintenance ensures longevity.

Vigilant Care

Regular inspections are part of our commitment to your deck’s longevity. We catch issues like loose boards, rust on hardware, or signs of rot early, preventing costly repairs.

Your MDT Masterpiece Awaits

With MDT, your outdoor dreams are within reach. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revitalising an existing deck, we transform your vision into a reality. Your deck isn’t just wood and nails; it’s a canvas for your dreams, a place where memories are made, and it’s waiting to be crafted by MDT. Embark on this journey with us, and let’s create your dream deck today! Contact MDT now, and let’s bring your outdoor oasis to life.

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Unleash the Beauty of Your Outdoor Space with Mississauga’s Premier Deck Builder

Employing expert deck builders is a new tip Mississauga residents are discovering to enhance their backyards. Since their inception, backyards have come a long way, and now it’s trendy to use your outdoor space as an addition to your house.

A custom-built deck can be used as a secluded retreat, a sizable gathering area, or any combination of these to raise the value of your house. In this post, we’ll look at the various ways a Mississauga deck builder could improve your property.

Customized Design: Tailored to Perfection

There is no one-size-fits-all design for the ideal deck. Mississauga deck builders put a high premium on customization and take the time to understand your needs. They build a deck that matches the design and architecture of your house by taking into account the available space, the surrounding area, and your tastes.

They might provide creative ideas for designing outdoor spaces. They maximize traffic flow and amenity placement with appealing lounge areas and activity zones. The deck will be a huge asset to your home and may be used for entertaining, unwinding, and making priceless memories.

Built to Last with Skill and Durable Materials

A qualified Mississauga deck builder can make something with care and accuracy. They guarantee a strong and beautiful deck by doing everything from laying the foundation to installing the decking, railings, and finishing touches.

To increase the deck’s durability and aesthetic appeal, these builders might employ premium materials. Whether you decide to choose PVC, composite decking, or natural wood, they can assist you in making the decision that best suits your needs, tastes, and maintenance requirements. With little upkeep, your deck will remain strong and lovely.

The value of Property Appreciates

A well-designed and constructed deck could improve the curb appeal of your house. Your house will stand out in the area thanks to its charm and beauty. A lovely deck might draw buyers if you’re selling your home.

Both aesthetically beautiful and offering a decent return on investment, a well-built deck could be both. It raises the value of your home while enhancing your lifestyle and outdoor area.

Improved Outdoor Living Environment

Your outside space could become an addition to your house with a deck that is well-built and designed. You and your guests may be able to relax and breathe in the fresh air on your deck, which can serve as an additional living space. 

You may create distinct sections in your outside space with decks that are particularly planned. Any design you have in mind for your outdoor space, whether it be a unique lounge area, an alluring eating area, a tranquil nook with a hot tub or spa, or a combination of these, may be executed by professional deck builders.


Design, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction are all very important to a Mississauga deck builder. They offer more than only their expertise in construction. Working with these professionals will enable you to turn your outdoor area into a beautiful and valued living place that enhances the appeal and value of your house. Contact Mississauga Decks & Trim right away, and our skilled staff members can help you design and construct the deck of your dreams.

Deck Building Decks Waterproofing

Why is deck waterproofing a good investment for your property?

Deck waterproofing should be a part of your deck design right from the start and not an afterthought for this major investment in your property. 

You will be spending your valuable time and hard-earned money on a major feature addition to your building, and for most, there is a tendency to only focus on the look and purpose of your deck when talking with your deck contractor. 

What is deck waterproofing for?

The answer seems fairly obvious, that is, to waterproof your deck. The real question is what is the purpose of doing this task properly? 

The simple answer is longevity and durability. After making the decision to create this major add-on to your property, you’ll want to make sure that iit lasts as long as possible and remains in top condition.

What are the main benefits of waterproofing your deck? 

While waterproofing your deck properly ensures that your deck lasts a long time for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy, there are many other consequential benefits.

Let’s go through them. 


The first is safety. A wet deck, whether due to it being the border around a pool or simply open to natural elements can create rot in wooden features and elements, which is a huge problem if your entire deck is built out of wood. 

If you have metal features, you will want to make sure that these remain rust-proof and are free of corrosion, which can be incredibly important in a safety feature like a railing. 

This includes both sturdiness and of course not causing bodily harm and health scares with jagged rusty pieces.


The math is fairly straightforward. The less you have to repair, the less money you will spend. Although that is an obvious one, there are additional benefits to be had with a long-lasting and sturdy deck. 

If you want to expand, you can put your money elsewhere, both enhancing the value of your property as well as your enjoyment of your deck. 

Speaking of value, a well-built waterproofed deck or patio area can contribute to the assessed value of your home or property. 

Last, but certainly not least is insurance. The safer your home and the better quality deck you have, it will be reflected in any insurance costs affiliated with the property. 


Your time is valuable and if your deck is damaged, not only will you lose money on assessments and repairs, but you will be spending your time organizing assessments, and all the follow-through that the repairs will entail. 

This is time you could be spending chilling out solo, or with friends and family. There is also the time lost that you could have been enjoying your deck. 

So instead of basking in the sun during the summer with delicious food sizzling on the barbecue, you’ll either be finding somewhere else for your downtime or dealing with the damaged deck rather than enjoying your home. 

What are my waterproofing options for a new deck design? 

If you are in the planning stages of building the deck of your dreams and still working with your deck-building contractor, this is the perfect time to start talking about waterproofing your deck. 

You’ve got a lot of options, from materials to build with, to what to use with those materials to best maintain your deck and protect it. 

Waterproofing Materials 

Nearly all waterproofing systems can be divided into five basic categories. The first two are polymer-enhanced cement, and vinyl sheets or membranes, which are both most often used in residential applications. 

The others are urethanes (including polyureas), fiberglass, and composite systems based around self-adhered “peel-and-stick” membranes and are more popular when working on large, commercial projects. These materials are incorporated into the build from the get-go. 

Additional Waterproofing Systems

These include building under-deck drainage systems, applying flashing tape, adding rubber flanges, applying sealers or coatings, building in sleepers, and other additional waterproofing methods to better ensure the longevity of your deck. 

A good deck-building contractor will be able to work with you to assess which are your best options and then incorporate these features in the design and the build while talking you through future maintenance needs. 

Composite Decking 

Firstly, if you choose to go with composite decking, you’ve got most of your waterproofing built right in. Talk to your deck contractor about your options which include some brands that offer amazing products that won’t rot or warp and some also come with excellent warranties. 

However, keep in mind that nothing is 100% waterproof, and while incredibly low- maintenance, composite decking also needs a little attention and care. Adding rubber flanges underneath to stop water from running through to spaces underneath, and cleaning the surface will prevent mould or mildew, or even spore generation when soil sits on a wet surface for too long. 

Additionally, adding a clear, easy, spray-on water repellant with zinc oxide will further prevent mould and mildew from starting at all. Not to mention it will restore the look and colour of your deck and make it easier to clean.

What are my waterproofing options for an existing deck? 

If your pre-existing deck is made of composite, for example, getting a professional cleaning and then applying a good water-repellant spray will do wonders. 

If however, have a preexisting wooden deck and now want to focus on waterproofing, the primary options are using Sealers or Coatings. 


With wood boards, you will need to maintain and seal the wood properly and repeat this process every one to three years. The manufacturer guidelines on the sealant, the environment and weather, and the specifics of your deck materials will dictate this timeline. 

When applied the clear sealant will keep water from getting into the porous wood and therefore will reduce the risk of rot or damage. The water should bubble and sit on top of your deck similar to a well-waxed car. If you don’t see this then it is a good indicator that it is time to apply your sealer once more. 


Deck coatings are a thick substances that can be liquid rubber polyurethane, latex, enamel, acrylic or another material. It is used to resurface the deck to make it waterproof. 

Adding it requires cleaning the surface which makes it slip-resistant. It can be tricky to apply so if you can get professional help it is probably the best way to go, especially as an improperly applied coating can peel and needs adequate time to cure. 

Coatings can do a good job at masking cracks and splinters in wood decking, but some people feel the finish can feel gritty underfoot, which can make it difficult to get to places on the deck to repair them later including issues finding screws and other elements in the deck, and it is a slightly more expensive and time-consuming means of waterproofing a deck while still requiring the same periodic cleaning as sealers.

What else should I be thinking about when it comes to deck waterproofing? 

First things first, aside from your deck boards, waterproofing your deck substructure is key. The joists and beams used to hold up the deck are just as susceptible to damage and require equal care. Flashing tape is the most common answer. 

A non-skid, self-adhesive flashing tape placed over the tops of joists, rim joists, beams, and the ledger board can guard against expensive future costs associated with water damage.

The design of your deck is also going to play a role, as nowadays, people looking to maximize their space may include enclosed sunrooms, covered areas below stairs for multi-level decks and more. 

These require some thought to make sure you aren’t sitting underneath a dripping ceiling that’s meant to protect you from the weather while you still enjoy the outdoors. 


Utilizing sleepers which are pieces of wood used to raise the deck boards so that there is space underneath, allows the wood to “breathe” and minimizes water damage. 

This is a design often used for rooftop decks. However, these are also wood so the same care and maintenance need to be followed for the wood as the rest of your deck. 

Interlocking deck systems 

These include built-in water troughs meant to drain the water, pulling it away from the deck. However, there are a couple of things about this system that may be problematic for some people. 

The first is that it can be quite loud like rain on a tin roof, however, some people find that soothing, so that is a personal choice. The other is structural, however, and where the water drains from if it meets the house, for example against the ledger board, the water dump at that point can create its own problems. 

Under-deck drainage systems

These are waterproof gutter systems that are installed under your deck boards, preferably as an above-the-joist drainage system. This is ideal because it provides complete protection for all the joists and beams from moisture penetration.

Most people are so focused on how great their deck is going to look and how much they will enjoy it that they may overlook some of the potential aspects of a deck build like time and cost both immediately and down the line. 

Working with a certified deck-building contractor like MDT, especially in environments like Canada which can have both heavy rain and snow, can guarantee a beautiful and well-built deck. 

Aside from the fact that a deck building company has years of experience and can incorporate structural elements to ensure your enjoyment of your deck for a long time, they can also design an outdoor living space that can truly maximize your space. You could end up with an outdoor deck that exceeds your expectations!
Reach out to Mississauga Decks and Trim for an initial consultation today to see what we can do for you. From building a custom deck to waterproofing your deck, we’re here to help you build the backyard oasis of your dreams. 

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Pros and Cons of Building a Cedar Deck for Your Home

There are many benefits to building a cedar deck for your home. You can use it as an outdoor patio, or you could use it as the main floor of your home. It’s also a great way to show off your assets and make a statement. 

However, there are some important things you need to consider before beginning this project. 

Key Factors to Consider 

Tips for Building Custom Decks

When building a custom deck, there are a few key things to consider. Your new deck should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

Read this blog on Things to Consider When Building a Deck for more information. 

Deck Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your custom deck, there are a few key things you don’t want to forget.

For example, decks should be kept clean and free of wet leaves and debris as they can eventually cause mould growth and damage your deck. 

Another deck maintenance tip is to look into deck waterproofing to protect your deck from all types of weather, especially during the colder months of the year.  

Read more about Mississauga Decks & Trim’s 8 essential deck maintenance tips for fall and winter here. 

Now let’s get into the pros and cons of building a cedar deck. 

Pros of Building a Cedar Wood Deck

  1. Naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
  2. Environmentally-friendly 
  3. Lightweight material that is easy to use 
  4. Sound 
  5. Resistant to varying temperatures and weather conditions 
  6. Naturally resistant to insects 
  7. Tends to last longer than most woods as it naturally resists rot/ decay

Cons of Building a Cedar Wood Deck

  1. Can be more expensive than other materials 
  2. Requires regular maintenance 
  3. Can be easily scratched by heavy furniture 

Final Thoughts

Building a versatile and durable cedar deck can be a great way to create a beautiful backyard oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

Overall, there are way more pros than cons of cedar decking. 

However, you may want to consult a professional deck-building company in Mississauga to help you with your new deck project.

So what are you waiting on? Contact Mississauga Decks & Trim (MDT) to start building the custom deck of your dreams today!


When Should You Replace Your Deck? Here are 6 Warning Signs

So you’re noticing some potential issues with your deck and wondering, when should you replace your deck? 

Maybe it’s getting old and rickety or discoloured. There may be cracks in the wood or perhaps your railings are starting to come a little loose. 

Heck, maybe it’s all of the above. 

Unfortunately, no deck lasts forever. The weather is bound to take its toll over time. 

We know that deck replacement can be quite a process, even if the only aesthetic change is to the type of material you’ve chosen to roll with this time around. 

You may even be wondering if you should repair or replace your deck. 

In this blog, we’re going to go through 6 warning signs that it’s time for a brand new custom deck and some key tips on the best ways to get it installed. 

1. Wood rot and degradation

Wood rot on your deck isn’t too hard to spot but it can be one of the most detrimental factors when it comes to the condition of your deck. Wood rot originates from microbes eating up the fibers in wood that provide its rigidity. 

These microbes spread quickly, and the wood rot will come along with it. If you don’t spot it quickly, it can rapidly eat away at your deck. Once it spreads, chances are you’re going to need an entirely new deck installation.

To spot wood rot, check for darker patches, soft and spongy wood, or cracked wood that crumbles when dry. There are plenty of other signs, so make sure to cover all your bases. 

Of course, if you’ve got a PVC or composite deck, you don’t need to worry about that. So you may want to consider replacing your wood deck with a low-maintenance material.

Read more about the difference between PVC vs composite decking here

2. Loose railings

Though having loose railings might not always mean that you need to entirely replace your deck, it can coincide with other problems that you should be on the lookout for. For one, safety is always key, so making sure all those loose parts are tightened up is important. 

But loose railings can also be a sign of poor handy work or over-exposure to harsh weather conditions, wearing away at the base of your railing. 

Either way, depending on the scale of the problem, a full-on deck replacement might be required. Loose railings can be the difference between a $20 and a $2000 fix so you want to make sure to inspect them properly. 

3. Bad post conditions

If your posts are made of wood, check them for wood rot the same way you would with your deck boards. 

Your posts are what hold up the majority of the weight of your deck, and provide structural integrity. 

If they’re soft or decaying, the stability of your deck could be on its last legs which is a safety hazard for you and your family. Issues with posts can often lead to needing a completely new deck. 
Click here if you need help finding a high-quality deck builder in Mississauga.

If the posts look like they’re rotting away, we highly recommended that you replace your deck as soon as possible and refrain from using it until a professional deck builder can help you replace it. 

If the issue is less serious, like water pooling around the base of the post, speak to a deck builder about how you can divert water away from the base.

4. Rust on your deck

Another effect the weather can have on your deck is the way that it can rust whatever metal parts you may have used. From nails and screws to larger fixtures beneath your deck, replacing or repairing any rusted fittings will increase the longevity of your deck. 

It’s especially important to check up on any rust if your deck is older, around 15-20 years old.

5. Deck is detaching from your home

One of the more obvious indicators of necessary repair to a deck is on its ledger board. The ledger board is the part that connects your deck to your home. 

The deck may start to detach from your house, in which case a big repair may be in order. Many environmental factors can play a role in the separation of the ledger board from your home, so if you live in a region with heavy snowfall, keep an eye on it. 

6. Your deck is getting old  

The older your deck, the more likely it is that all of the issues we discussed earlier will occur. Wear and degradation happen over time. 

A general rule of thumb is to get your deck professionally inspected after about 5-6 years. If you live in a place like Canada with extremely cold temperatures, checking it more frequently is recommended. 

We at Mississauga Decks & Trim offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on all of our decks so you can feel secure knowing that your structure is safe and sound.

Things to consider when replacing your deck

Although it can be more costly, PVC or composite decks tend to last longer than natural wood decks. 

Mississauga Decks and Trim offers low-maintenance materials that come with manufacturer warranties ranging from 25 years to a lifetime. The main benefit is that you don’t have to worry about water, bugs, and other external issues potentially damaging your deck.

If you still want a wood deck, consider heat-treated Ash, or exotic hardwoods like Ipe, Garapa, and Cumara. Ipe especially is known for its durability and can last for over 75 years without rotting.

So when should you replace your deck? When there’s wood rot and degradation, loose railings, bad post conditions, rust on your deck, your deck is detaching from your home, or when your deck is getting old.

Now that you know the 6 warning signs that it’s time for a new deck, you may want to schedule a consultation with an expert deck builder in Mississauga. 
Contact Mississauga Decks & Trim (MDT) today to find out how we can help you either repair or replace your deck!

Backyard Deck Building Decks

6 Reasons To Start Planning Your New Deck Project During Winter

Planning your new deck project during the winter may seem like the last thing on your mind. For many of us, winter is a dark and cold season that makes us want to stay indoors and hibernate until spring arrives, trust me, we get it.

But what if you could save money and time planning the custom deck of your dreams right now? 

Here are Mississauga Deck & Trim’s 6 reasons to start planning your new deck project during winter:

1. Save Money

Although there is less demand for building projects in the fall and winter, most building companies remain active all year. This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the off-season, which is typically the cheapest time of year to build a new deck.

Given the cost of building materials tends to spike during spring and summer, your new project may not be as expensive during the winter months. 

Some deck building contractors in Mississauga even offer off-season pricing, typically discounted from their regular rates as winter is a slower season. 

Moreover, if you inquire with a building company early enough, you can get a better sense of the cost and start budgeting for your project so you are more financially prepared. 

With the money you save, you can then invest in a high-quality decking material like PVC or composite, which will upgrade your outdoor living space. 

Click here to learn more about the difference between PVC vs composite decking. 

2. Save Time

During peak times, it can take weeks to set up an initial meeting with a deck-building company so you can share your vision with them. Given they are spread quite thin during these times, your deck-building project may be prolonged if you don’t start planning early enough. 

It may also take them longer to acquire the necessary building permits and resources to build your new deck due to high demand and potential issues with their supply chain which can cause substantial delays.

If you get a head start during the off-season, however, acquiring building permits and resources should be a lot easier and faster. Deck-building companies may also have more uninterrupted time to spend exclusively on upgrading your backyard. 

Consequently, the builders can construct your customized deck quicker, which saves you time and money as the project will not be constantly delayed. 

3. Optimal Time for Deck Staining 

It is a common misconception that spring is the ideal season to stain a hardwood deck; however, this is not the case. The weather is often muggier in the spring and summer than at other times. Wood has the propensity to take in the moisture that is present in the atmosphere.

When you stain wood in settings where there is a lot of humidity, you run the risk of it peeling and cracking. Because of this, it will be more difficult for the wood to take on the staining procedure. Additionally, watermarks on the wood might be produced by direct sunlight.

Staining wood in hotter temperatures is not a good choice for a number of reasons, including the possibility that the stain will evaporate before it has a chance to penetrate the wood. When staining wood, temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended as being optimal; all the more reason to start planning your project earlier. 

4. Minimize Potential Damage 

Typically, decks are constructed using pressure-treated wood. Due to its inherent moisture content, this wood will go through a drying process throughout the first few months.

Drying time for wood may be prolonged in humid environments. Wood drying in direct sunlight during warm weather is prone to warping.

Building a deck in the winter allows the wood to dry out more gradually. This is helpful since it eliminates the potential problems of cracking or twisting and minimizes any potential damage. 

5. Spend More Time in Your Backyard 

If you start planning your new deck project earlier, you can spend more time making memories with your family and entertaining guests in your backyard all year round. 

The time it takes to build a deck depends on your preferences regarding the size, materials used, and customized features that you want but if you choose expert deck builders with a team of skilled professionals, they should be able to complete the project in no time!  

Wondering why you would want to be outdoors during the coldest months of the year? There are various features you can add to upgrade your deck and backyard so you can truly enjoy your outdoor living space during the winter. 

For example, check out these backyard oasis ideas that will transform your outdoor space. 

6. Access The Best Contractors

It can be very difficult to find professional deck-building contractors who are available to work on your project during the peak season. 

Take advantage of the “off-season” during winter when construction companies have more time on their hands to customize and perfect your new deck. 

We at Mississauga Decks & Trim know that planning your new deck project can be overwhelming. If you’re ready to get started but not sure how, reach out to MDT today so we can help you build the custom deck of your dreams. 

Composite Deck Deck Building Decks

PVC vs Composite Decking – What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between PVC vs composite decking? Aren’t they both just plastic? Does it really matter which material you use for your deck? We at Mississauga Decks & Trim are here to clear up the confusion and help you decide which material is best for your custom deck.

Should you upgrade your deck? 

First things first. Do you currently have a deck in your backyard?

If not, check out this article on how to find a quality deck builder in Mississauga. If the answer is yes, do you know what the material is? Decks that are made out of wod may seem pretty good at first until you realize they are high maintenance, they have short lifespans, and they are easily damaged by natural elements.

Instead of spending tons of money trying to repair things like wood rot and mildew every other year, people are finding it easier and cheaper to replace their decks with materials that are more durable, weather-resistant, and of premium quality.

Before reading on, you may want to find out if it’s time to replace your deck.

Now let’s dive into PVC vs composite decking. Though they’re both made of synthetic materials, each option has its pros and cons. In this article, we’ll outline the similarities and differences so you can decide which material best suits your preferences. 

Is it time to replace your deck?

What is composite decking? 

Composite decks are a mixture of wood and plastic that form a material that is stronger, heavier, and longer lasting than wood.

Generally made from recycled materials, the combination of plastic and wood pulp core makes it sustainable and resistant to things like weather rot and insects. Most composites these days are “capped composite”, which is the plastic shell that protects the surface of the deck board.

The capped surface is very durable and scratch-resistant. It comes with fade and stain warranties ranging from 25 years to a lifetime. Compared to natural wood, it’s very customizable, and can be used to replicate the colour and aesthetic of natural wood if you prefer that sort of design.

What is PVC decking?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. Similar to composite decks, PVC decks are also made from synthetic materials; however, they are 100% plastic rather than a combination of plastic and wood fibers.

PVC decks are just as durable and long-lasting as composite decks and require just as little maintenance. They are also extremely customizable when considering which colour you want, and the overall appearance of your deck.

Similarities of PVC and composite decking

  • Weather and moisture-resistant 
  • Insect-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Super customizable

Benefits of composite decking

Appearance is typically the main deciding factor for people who are considering a composite deck. The fact that it’s a wood blend gives it a much more natural look if that’s what best suits the aesthetic of your home.

It’s pretty common to find composite decks finished to look like real wood so that you can still have that rustic appeal without breaking the bank. Some of the higher-end composites can almost fool you into thinking it’s real wood.

The added wood grain in composite decks also contributes to their slip-resistance, a feature not exactly commonly thought of when considering something made with plastic.

If for whatever reason you need to step out onto your deck after it rains, the added texture and friction from the wood grain makes your trip that much safer. It’s also something to consider if you want to build your deck around a pool or any other water feature.

The last benefit of composite decking does not expand or contract as much as PVC. PVC decks expand and contract with changes in temperature, something pretty common in a country like Canada.

Composite is not by any means exempt from movement due to temperature changes, but it is much more stable than PVC.

Need an image of a composite deck from MDT if possible

Benefits of PVC decking

While composite decks are heavier than wood decks due to their blend of wood grain and plastic, PVC decks are the exact opposite.

Because of its 100% plastic build, PVC is a significantly lighter material, easier to handle and makes the building process much easier. Deck installation is also simple and the material is extremely versatile.

PVC decks are also 100% mould and mildew resistant due to their make up of completely synthetic materials. Composite decks, because of the presence of wood grain, can still (albeit the chances are unlikely) allow for mildew growth.

If your deck is in a shaded area (under a tree), or in close proximity to the ground, or near a body of water (pools, spas ponds), PVC decking is a better option.

PVC also tends to be cooler to walk on in comparison to composites, but whichever material you decide to go with, picking lighter colors will help with reducing heat retention.

Though PVC decks for the most part use less recycled materials, they are 100% recyclable once it’s time to replace your deck. Decks never last forever, regardless of how good you are with upkeep. So if you want a deck that, once it reaches its natural end, can be recycled, look no further than PVC. Composite decks, despite being made of recycled materials, cannot often be recycled. 

Need an image of a PVC deck from MDT if possible

Which material is best for you?

Though both materials are great options, the choice between the two really comes down to which material best suits your preferences.

If you prefer something that resembles natural wood, is more affordable, and is more stable in varying temperatures, composite decking might be for you.

If you want something that is 100% mould and mildew-resistant, your deck is situated around a shaded area/pool, or you’re seeking a more environmentally-friendly option, PVC decking might be better for you.

How much is PVC vs composite decking?

Another factor to keep in mind should be the cost of PVC decks and the cost of composite decks. Depending on the deck building contractor you choose, PVC tends to be a little pricier than composite as it is considered a premium material.

Generally speaking, the cost of composite decking can range from $8-$14 per sq. ft whereas the cost of PVC decking can range from $12-$18 per sq. ft.

Though both options are typically more expensive than most natural woods, the payoff in terms of durability, weather resistance, and cost-effectiveness is pretty massive if you don’t want to spend up to $1,000 in maintenance every year on a wood deck.

Now that you’ve learned the difference between PVC decking and composite decking, it’s time for you to make a decision. Our team at Mississauga Decks & Trim has worked extensively with both materials and can help you with your deck-building project or even a complete backyard makeover!

Contact us for a consultation or call us at (647) 321-1545 today to get started.  

Deck Building Decks

How to Find a Quality Deck Builder in Mississauga

Great deck builders in Mississauga are few and far between. Let’s be honest, not everyone is a regular Tim Taylor or Mike Holmes. Carpentry, and being that top-tier Carpenter comes with years of experience (or just really good sitcom character building). Sometimes it’s best to spend that extra bit of money to make sure your project gets done the way you dreamt it up.

This is especially true when considering something as integral to your home as a deck. You don’t want to be relaxing in your backyard if your deck looks like it was fished up from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, regardless of whether you built it with your hands or not. In many cases, the best course of action is to head to Google and type in “deck builder Mississauga” or “custom decks Mississauga”, browse around and find the right person for a job of this magnitude.

So what steps should you take when considering who to trust with a project as important as this one? We’ve built a comprehensive guide for what sorts of questions you should be asking, what measures you should take, and finalising a deal for the best deck builder Mississauga has to offer.

Before You Look For A Deck Builder

High-quality deck built by Mississauga Decks and Trim

Make sure your project is fully or mostly planned

Looking for a contractor without having a concrete plan in mind is like going to the grocery store without a list, you’re just winging it, and chances are you’re going to spend way too much money on things you don’t need. As with any big project, careful planning and an understanding of what you want your deck to look like, and how you want your space to feel are key. If you reach out to contractors without having a full grasp on what you want your deck to look like, the deck builder won’t be able to give you a full rundown of estimates or an accurate appraisal, so be sure to check out Awesome Add-ons for your Custom Deck to help you create a clear vision of your dream deck.

You should also figure out what materials you intend to work with, and if you’ll include advanced designs

Some deck builders are also best working in specific conditions and with specific materials. Not every deck builder in Mississauga has equal amounts of experience with specific types of materials. Some may be more suited to working with PVC, others with pressure-treated wood. For more information on the difference between PVC vs composite decks, click here.

If you plan on using advanced or intricate designs in your dream deck, make sure to flesh out those ideas fully before looking for a deck builder as some may not be familiar with that sort of design, and would therefore be less suited for the job.

Figure out what the cost would be to build the deck without a professional

Going into a conversation with a contractor prepared is key. Of course, it’s going to be more expensive to use the services of a professional deck builder in Mississauga, but that doesn’t mean you should leave everything to blind trust. Have an understanding of what it would cost to do it yourself, and go into negotiations with a fair middle ground to work towards the overall cost. If you’re not sure what Things to Consider When Building a Deck, check out our comprehensive guide.

Looking for a Deck Builder

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the way most Carpenters, especially deck builders, make their money. When it comes to decks, it’s hard for happy customers to not constantly brag about just how gorgeous their brand-new deck is, and just how much better it is compared to their neighbours. These satisfied customers are also quick to recommend the same deck builders to whoever asks. If you know anyone that had a project done, especially ones that may look similar to what your ideal build looks like, make sure to inquire with them about deck builders nearby.

Reading reviews and websites

Checking out reviews is essentially word of mouth from people you don’t know. You can learn a lot about a potential deck builder just by reading the reviews left for them on sites like Google or Homestars. They say a business is only as good as its worst review, so check out what others have had to say about them, and make your decision from there. Keep in mind that everything should still be taken with a grain of salt, and further research can come in handy.
You should also take the time to check on the websites of the deck builders, as you’ll find a much more comprehensive outline of their services, and what sorts of jobs they’ve done in the past. Check out how long the company has been in business, as older companies tend to be more reputable.

Mississauga Decks & Trim building a deck

Chat With Your Chosen Deck Builder

So you found a couple of suitable candidates for the job. Now comes the really important part – actually speaking with them, and becoming the boss that you are. You’re essentially interviewing the deck builder for a job, and like any good HR representative, you need to make sure that this is the right person/company for it. Here are a couple of questions you should consider asking during this part of the process.

Do they have proof of licensing and insurance?

Is there a regular crew that they work/handle projects with?

If something goes wrong, how will problems be handled, and how will unexpected costs be factored into the overall work?

Ask about their building/planning process.

Ask to view some of their previous builds.

Have they done projects similar to this one, and are they capable of handling intricate/advanced designs (if you have them)?

Do they mostly work with suburban or urban houses? A deck builder in Mississauga vs. one in Toronto has more than likely worked on different styles of projects.

What materials do they have the most experience working with?

Ask for suggestions/if there’s room for improvement on the build.

What sort of extras/features would work with this build, and do they have experience implementing these aspects into the deck?

What would be the expected timeline for this sort of project?

You should also make sure to ask for direct references from customers that were satisfied working with these specific deck builders. Online reviews and single cases of word of mouth in some cases aren’t enough to gauge an accurate review of the deck builder’s work.

Getting Down to Paperwork

You’ve found a deck builder in Mississauga that you trust to build your dream deck, it’s time for paperwork. Make sure you see a copy of their licensing and insurance, as this makes them all the more credible, and should make you all the more reassured. Ask about how payment will work. Is there a payment plan or a schedule depending on the cost of the project? Is there a way to set up that sort of term-based payment system? Lastly, make sure you get a firm price for the deck project.

The End Result

You did it! Days of relaxation and recovery suddenly seem closer than ever, and all it took was a fair amount of leg work and finding the right person for the job. Rest easy knowing you will soon be able to relax on your gorgeous deck!

Aluminum cocktail railings with heat-treated ash upper deck built by MDT.

Best part? Not once will you have to swing a hammer, because you did your research and placed your trust in the best people at your disposal. If you’re still looking for a custom deck builder in Mississauga, check out Mississauga Decks and Trim; anything you can dream of, we can build!

Deck Building Decks

Top 3 Questions to Ask Deck Builders in Mississauga

So you want to build a deck to enhance your outdoor space, but there are so many deck builders in Mississauga to choose from, so where do you start? 

Well, with the answer to these questions, you may find the choice isn’t so overwhelming after all and the deck building contractor best suited to your needs will soon stand out from the crowd.

The first step of course is deciding whether it is time to replace your deck. If you’re not sure, it may be beneficial to check out: Is It Time to Replace Your Deck? before reading on. Once you’ve decided that you do need to replace your deck, the second step is finding certified deck builders in Mississauga who also have a lot of satisfied clients. It isn’t enough for a deck building contractor to just be certified, you want to ensure that your needs as the client will be met, which includes communication, objectives, and timelines.

Start from the comfort of your mobile phone. Go online and look for companies that have a gallery showcasing previous work. If you see items that appeal to you, check to see if they have good reviews for both their work as well as how well they communicate and interact with clients for the duration of the project. You may have already decided that you want to go with a particular material, for example, composite decking, so focus on companies that are already familiar with working with this material. Maybe you even have a design in mind already. If that’s the case you may also want to set up consultations with custom deck designers and construction companies that have experience in the kind of project you are envisioning for your property. 

For more information on How to Find a Quality Deck Builder in Mississauga, click here. 

On the other hand, if all you know is that you want to expand the use of your home and are not quite sure how to do it, a company that offers everything from deck design to planning and even helping acquire permits may be the way to go. This means that you could end up with a plan incorporating unique features you always wanted but didn’t know how to include. After all, you may find out you have space for a fire pit or a custom gazebo with that designated hot tub space you always wanted, or even a play area for your children. 

Building a new deck can be so exciting but let’s be honest, a little daunting as well, so here are the 3 questions you should ask deck builders in Mississauga once you’ve narrowed down your choices.

  1. What Materials Do They Use to Build Your Deck?

You want the best quality materials with great durability for your deck building or outdoor project. A deck is exposed to weather and hard wear and tear, and you want it to last for years to come. A deck-building company that only uses the best quality materials is a good sign that they understand that a quality and custom deck should be built to last. Not sure which materials you want to use? Read more about the difference between PVC vs composite decks here. 

  1. Are They Licensed and Insured for Deck Building Projects?

You want to make sure you’re protected should there be any issue with the deck building project, and yes, you are within your rights to ask to see what licences and insurances are held by the contractors. A great deck-building contractor will be one who is also able to help you obtain the permissions and legal permits you may need to acquire in order to pursue your project.

  1. What Warranty Do They Offer for Their Decks and Outdoor Structures?

The right contractor to build your deck will not only work with materials with long-term warranties but will also offer a reassuring warranty for their own work.

It may be tempting to go for the lower-priced option for your decking but think of your deck or outdoor structure as an investment. A beautiful deck, custom gazebo, or other outdoor living features not only enhances your lifestyle but also increases the value of your home. Therefore, these seemingly simple questions will quickly eliminate options that seem too good to be true. 

With years of international expertise and a solid reputation in the Greater Toronto area, Mississagua Decks and Trim is a licensed and insured deck-building company that uses the highest-grade deck-building materials and offers a 10- year warranty on all of their high-end custom decks and outdoor structures. 

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