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Timbertech composite stairs


The function and appearance of the outdoor spaces of your home will depend on the style of stairs you choose to enhance these additional living areas. MDT can assist you in selecting an outdoor staircase style that best suits your requirements and complements the features of your house. The handrails and balustrades we employ with open riser staircases are the pinnacles of minimalist design; appearing to float, which enhances the feeling of openness and airiness that the steps elicit. This in turn emphasizes the concept of incorporating the outdoors as a part of your home on more than one level.

Wood Stairs

Our hand-selected lumber is ideal for your personalized stairs, whether they lead from the house or from the yard to the deck, or connecting to another level of your decking. The finished wooden outdoor stairs also visually carries the feel and flow of your natural wood deck throughout the space. In contrast to other firms that use veneer production processes that can make stairs unsafe when used on steps with regular foot traffic, we produce a superior result with no knots or defects.

Metal Stairs

Incorporated into your outdoor area with seamless installation with zero welding on site, this feature marries well with other decking materials visually, and aligns with today’s architectural trends which are embracing a more streamlined and modern aesthetic. The design is created to suit the style of your own home and metal stairs offer a wide range of style choices to individuals. Additionally, metal stairs can withstand heavy loads and many elemental upheavals, and of course are incredibly low maintenance. MDT uses the most recent Laser Cutting Technology and all fabrication procedures, allowing us to create installations that are safe for homeowners without compromising the aesthetics or visual appeal of their homes.

Glass Railing

MDT glass railings may transform an old and dull functional and practical feature for your outdoor deck into something beautiful that adds value to your property. Glass elements are a popular deck and stair railing choice for those who want to prioritize safety while minimizing the impact on their view or simply wanting a lighter look to maximize the look and feel of their outdoor space. They are ideal for both inside and external situations, adding style while also offering safety due to their sturdy design!

Our Recent Work

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Fiberon Composite Stairs

Fiberon composite stairs with mitred stringer/risers and picture frame finished threads.

Picture Frame Box Stairs

Fiberon composite picture frame box stairs with spigot glass railings.

Ipe Stairs

Ipe stairs with picture frame threads and mitred wrap-around risers/stringers.

Azek PVC Picture Frame Stairs

Azek PVC wrap-around picture frame box stairs with a large landing area.

Azek harvest wrap around picture frame box step

Wrap-around Stairs

Azek PVC wrap-around picture frame stairs.

Cedar Flush Finish Stairs

Modern look cedar flush finish stairs nosing with mitred risers.

Multi Level Stairs

Clubhouse PVC multi-level stairs, with wrap-around steps, picture frame threads, and mitred risers.

Closed Stringer Stairs With Landing

Fiberon Sanctuary composite stairs closed stringer style with landing.

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